Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tomcat JMX Connectivity through firewall

JMX is great for monitoring the JVM to identify potential problems with memory and concurrency. Usually this is quite simple as a local running JVM can be connected to using tools such as JConsole. When connecting remotely however there is some additional configuration required.

During a recent project, the team faced an issue where a web application was deployed using Tomcat 7 on a cloud environment.

To enable JMX monitoriing for Tomcat 7, the following system properties were configured via setenv.sh:
Tomcat JMX configuration
The above configuration properties specify that JMX remote access should be enabled on port 7099 and authenticated using the credentials found in jmxremote.access and jmxremote.password.

For more information about configuring JMX see the Oracle documentation in the references section.

The firewall on the VPN between the cloud environment and local network was configured to allow connections on port 7099. However this still didn't prove successful.

After reading numerous online resources, the problem was identified. Basically, when the JMX server starts up, it opens two ports, one for the JMX registry and another dynamically generated port for the RMI server. The above configuration only specifies the JMX registry port and there isn't a system property to configure the RMI server port. Both these ports need to be opened in the firewall, but as the RMI server port is dynamically chosen, how can the firewall be configured?

One solution is to develop a custom JMX agent and configure the java runtime to use it. This is outlined in the references below.

For Tomcat there is a more elegant solution for out-of-the-box JMX monitoring.
Tomcat provides a JMXRemoteLifecycleListener that allows specifying both the JMX registry port and the RMI server port.

Tomcat JMXRemoteLifecycleListener

The rmiRegistryPortPlatform replaces the use of the com.sun.management.jmxremote.port system property.

The JMXRemoteLifecycleListener requires the deployment of the catalina-jmx-remote.jar in the ${CATALINA_HOME}/lib directory.

Tomcat can now be remotely monitored and managed using the following JMX service URL:


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