Friday, 19 August 2011

Set up the JBPM suite on tomcat 6

1. Download tomcat 6 from apache website and unzip in a folder.
2. Change the TOMCAT_HOME, CATALINA_HOME env variable pointing to the new tomcat folder.
3. Download from jboss site unzip into a folder.
a. Go into the lib folder, which will have 6 more files in it. 2 wars and 6 zip files.
4. copy 2 wars into the tomcat-home/webapps. Rename of war is required as per below names otherwise all the applications does not start properly.
a. Rename the designer- to designer.war
b. Rename the guvnor-distribution-wars-5.2.0.Final-jboss-as-5.1.war to drools-guvnor.war
c. Unzip into the webapps. This zip contains 2 more wars.
d. Rename jbpm-gwt-console-server-5.1.0.Final.war to gwt-console-server.war
e. Rename jbpm-gwt-console-5.1.0.Final.war to jbpm-console.war
5. At this point, if tomcat is restarted, the complete suit is ready to work on. Go to tomcat manager (localhost:8080) and try launching drools-guvnor and jbpm-console. All the functionality does not work with IE so use firefox. It may ask to install google frame. Accept and continue.
6. To login into jbpm console, create few users into tomcat-users.xml as below.

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